Fuchila chair

Fuchila is a weaved chair inspired by Bulgarian carpet making traditions that developed into a research of the fundamentals of weaving. A metal frame begins as a loom but a tapestry is woven over it and remains in place to become a seat. Strong nylon threads are used for the warp and weft so that the weaved textile can be stretched into its position from two to three dimensional. The areas where you sit and where you rest your back are weaved and the rest is left unwoven to give the chair lightness and transparency.

The intrinsic character of a loom in use is expressed through the seat strings.

Marina learn from the craft weavers of her native country Bulgaria and expanded her knowledge during residences in Copenhagen and Cyprus. A unique collaboration with the Ikat weaver Ptolemy Mann resulted in a one of a kind Ikat variation and there is a two seater variation as well.

Powder coated metal tubing frame with stretched nylon weft and warp and weaved cotton thread