Well known for inventing exotic and unusual materials with which to create their work, Studio Furthermore are deeply fascinated by the physical world both natural and man-made. Their latest work entitled Moon Rock is a speculative exploration of the abundant material resources beyond our own planet.

The story of human evolution is that of materiality itself and a deep held drive to shape and reconstruct our surroundings. All that lies in reach is subjected to human activity. However, this processing has undergone a seismic shift within the last century or so and a vast acceleration in activity has caused a necessary reassessment of our material habits. The mid twentieth century era witnessed an incredible material wealth at a time were abundance fuelled cultural optimism. Today, in contrast, we find ourselves at something of a crisis point. Scarcity is slowly but surely becoming our cultural bedrock. However, crisis precipitates change or so they say.

For this work Studio Furthermore project themselves forward a few years into the not so distant future. The designers consider mineral rich moon rock to be their material of choice.

Rarest of rocks here on Earth and with a countable total of only 382 kilogrammes, it was brought back by just a few successful space missions some fifty years ago. The designers speculate how this all changes once industrial activities expand out towards the direction of the stars.

"Thinking back just a few years when we first got going as a studio the design debate and the overall conversation was very much about resource scarcity, reduction and recycling. At that time people were quite pessimistic about the future and rightly so. Thanks largely to the actions taken by the people as well as corporations and sound governance, we now live in a time of abundant resources and energy, peace and prosperity." Says Studio Furthermore's founder.

Moon Rock includes lunar cut mineral tables of various sizes as well as lighting and seating. Some items combine and contrast earth and moon rocks. Each piece is a hand made studio edition with characteristic metallic pattenation. For pricing and more information please contact Studio Furthermore.